Our Story

Creating Full-Spectrum Hemp Oil Products With the Consumer in Mind

We were CBD consumers before we started Maine Coast Hemp - and that experience informs our approach to our business including our transparency, product testing philosophy and product offerings.

From the get-go, we had a vision for our company


We share the product testing results so that you know what you are buying and ingesting.

High-quality Product

We are dedicated to providing you the highest quality ingredients available. We have created a product that is more than a CBD isolate - it is one that leverage the whole hemp plant including all its nutrients, terpenes, and flavanoids.

Product Innovation

We strive to develop new delivery methods for recreational and medicinal full-spectrum hemp oil use.


We want to uphold the quality and integrity of the product - as well as make it financially accessible for you.  


We help educate consumers and are becoming a reliable source for you to turn to in pursuit of grounded, balanced information on hemp oil.  

Looking toward the future, we are working to establish and uphold the quality of our products. We will soon have a closed loop system - growing and extracting our own hemp, performing secondary processing, and packaging our products. We strive to be known a thought leader who sells quality products.